projection. august 2004.

as part of the ‘catch the light’ program accompanying the olympic games in athens we’ve been invited to realize one of the 9 interactive installations throughout the city.


this bank building that was our target. below the balcony we mounted a white screen on which people saw their shadows and the image of a projected ball.


with his shadow everybody was able to play the ball. besides that playful part the ball was also representing a virtual light-source that illuminated the upper half of the building causing some strangly realistic looking shadows moving over the facade.

based on an initial idea by meso’s » michael höpfel » gregsn and i did the patching in » vvvv. together we spent a very relaxed month with lots of good food and nice people in the city of athens.

a more detailed documentation of the whole thing is still….in the making.

video 1m29s | 8mb