music video. december 2004.

following an invitation by » projektionsareal i chose the audio track “triko” by daniel vujanic and made this video for it.

actually the result is rather thought to be a video installation than just a linear video. only after i chose the track i noticed three things about it:

  • it works nearly as loop. start and ending have a similar drumpattern.
  • there is an outstanding break in the middle that totally contrasts to the rest of the rather uniform song.
  • it has this part near the end that sounds like rewinding a tape.

this loop-and-rewind nature of the song brought me to the basic idea for the video: build something. destroy it. learn nothing. rewind. build something. destroy it…

here and on the dvd you can sadly only see one loop. since the video is completely rendered in realtime i made some of the parameters (where the towers grow, where the camera moves,…) random which means that every loop looks different than the others (when watched on a pc), which together with the monotonous music turns out to be kind of hypnotic.

i know its boring. the software behind triko is again » vvvv. triko finally gave me the opportunity to play around with pixelshaders again and to test out our new physics engine. if this wasn’t my job i’d be tempted to say that i enjoyed it.

video 3m54s | 8.5mb