spin environments. april 2006.

we’ve been invited by » time’s up to implement new virtual environments for spin that has been booked to be part of the » crashtestdummy project.

» sebastian gregor, » michael höpfel and i created 3 labyrinths that are connected with each other. you start in one of the 3 mazes. if you find the exit you only find yourself trapped in the next. after 10 minutes you are released and find yourself back in your personal real-life labyrith.

before entering spin you’re being equipped with the crash jacket which meassures your pulse, and breath and transmits it to the render machines. further the jacket has a built in microphone to keep you in contact with the guides in case you need an exit (fast!) and has builtin loudspeakers that let you hear the worlds sounds.

since walking around with spin takes some exercise the participant is first welcomed in a simple test environment.

test world

3 glowing spheres mark exits to the labyriths. always only one of the spheres can be reached.

paper world is a rather unstable construct floating in space. every breath lets the papers wave in the wind making it even more difficult for you to find your way out.

paper world

relative world offers you two ways to find your exit. follow the arrows, or follow the architecture..

relative world

tube world is the straightest of the labyrinths. simply follow the tubes. go fast, the way is long, but not too fast, for the spinning tubes may really make you feel sick when you’re out of breath.

tube world

the mazes have been exhibited in budapest (may 05-13, 2006) and munich (july 21-29, 2006)

video timelapse of spin-setup 0m44s | 12mb