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3d scan

thank whomever our performer has no hair. actually that only makes the whole endeavor possible. still, creating a plausible digital copy, even of a bald head is not an easy thing to do since there are so many subtle details involved which let our eyes decide to recogize someone. therefore we decided to have a 3d scan done of the head which we could base the final 3d model on.

3d scan of head

3d scans of such complex models usually cannot be used as they come out of the scanner since they are far to detailed in some areas and are lacking points (see for example top of head) in other areas. instead of "cleaning" the model it was easier to build a clean model from scratch aligning the vertices to the shape of the scanned mesh.


in addition to the scan we took 8 pictures from around the head. out of them we would later create a continuous texture map that fits on our model. while shooting the pictures we took care not to have any significant shadow in the face. since lighting is later rendered in realtime the texture is supposed to be independent of a specific lighting situation.

8 picures around the head

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